Complete door-to-door transport of Balikbayan boxes without weight limit and extra charges any where in the Philippines.
Shipment of container vans for Balikbayan returnees at fixed prices.
Shipment of container vans or Loose cargo load (LCL) from Germany and Austria to any parts of the Philippines.
Insurance of boxes/container vans during the entire transport against breakage and theft.
Complete customs clearance in Manila by licensed customs broker and Philippine partner.

Mr. Kolarski together with Mr. Roy Benedito (right), chief of the Motor Vehicle section of MICP,
his secretary and assistant in Manila Customs, North Harbor.

Heinz, GBQS Warehouse Supervisor
Add-on Services:
  • We pick-up your Balikbayan boxes anywhere in Germany in cooperation with well-known forwarders in Germany, as well as, Austria.
  • We have several distributors throughout Germany/Austria for your inquiry about our services and distribution of empty boxes or pick-up.

Professional Handling of your boxes with modern equipment

Final check before storing

Checking of the boxes

Heinz with Stapler, Misses Puffe and Renate

Allocated for store

Loading a 40 ft container with Stapler

Heinz places the boxes in the container

Container is almost full

Piles by hand, a very hard work

Brand Expert Freight Forwarder
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