Frequently Asked Questions
Announcement for pick up:

Please advise our office of the scheduled pick-up of your box from the middle or the end of the month so that we can include them in time for our actual plan for pick up tour.


We can also ship motor vehicles and do the customs clearance in Manila for you. For this we need the technical data, condition, mileage (kilometres), declared value of the car including accompanying photos. But first of all we want to inform you, that this do not come cheap and it is only profitable for cars with a high actual cash value. Please feel free to contact us for further information.

Container Shipping:

We ship 1-2 containers per month, depending on the season. The containers go per freight vehicle from our warehouse, where we load it within 1.5 hours, to the local container-terminal of the German Federal Railways. From there it goes by freight train to the container-terminal in Altenwerder in Hamburg. After about three days the container gets on a ship, to the port of destination in Singapore’s container terminal. There the container is brought to another ship in a few days, which arrives in Manila about 5 days later. After the arrival of the container the custom clearance occurs mostly the next day. After that it is immediately brought to our warehouse in Manila to get unloaded. The delivery of the boxes for Manila starts at the same day, boxes to Visayas and Mindanao get transported by ship to their respective destinations. The local distributors there deliver the boxes from the boat to the consignees´ end.

Damage during delivery:

DIf you observe any damage after delivery of the box, please inform the driver and the forwarder in Manila about your claim and the damaged content of the box by telephone or email within three days. Please also inform the consignee in the Philippines to let the driver sign the delivery receipt for the damage. Please keep the broken pieces and the box as evidence for the inspection of our forwarder, if possible take photos (using your celphone) during the actual delivery to support your claim. Late claims or claims without evidence are unacceptable.


If you do not pay the box when it reaches the Philippines, it will be kept in our warehouse in Manila until the amount of the transportation is paid.


We willingly accept distributors in the whole federal state territory of Germany and Austria, who are able to collect a minimum of 5 boxes per month. To talk about the payment, we would like to invite or meet you at the place and time most convenient to you.

Duration of the transport:

The container´s running time to Manila is about 6 weeks. After unloading the container in Manila the maximum delivery time for Metro Manila is about 1 week, for North/South Luzon including Bicol about 2 weeks and for Visayas and Mindanao about 3 weeks. The delivery for the big cities of Visayas and Mindanao can sometimes be carried out after about 1.5 weeks. Please ask for the particular container departure in our office.

Empty boxes:

Empty boxes will be placed at your disposal for 5 € per box. The transport to your house is without extra charge, if the full box gets transported by us.

Forbidden items:

Weapons and drugs as well as ammunitions and fireworks are strictly forbidden items in boxes to the Philippines. If we only have a small suspicion of its presence in any box we will immediately inform the authorities with the indication of the shipper and consignee.


Of course we also transport items that are bigger or that have another size than our boxes, e.g. bicycles. Please ask from our office for the price which depends on the volume of your box accordingly compared to our normal box.


Please ensure that fragile items in the box are packed safely against damage through pressure and that liquids are packed into plastic bags and sealed in tightly to avoid leakage. We assume no liability for incorrect packing inside the box. You should always consider that inside the container there can be up to 4 boxes on top of one box, so each box should really be fully packed to prevent damage.

Our boxes are very stable and of very good quality. The producer indicates a weight limit of 70 kg, but according to our experience the load capacity is much higher.


The payment of the boxes should be in cash during the pick up. You will get a receipted bill, with the number of the box and the price according to our pricelist. In case of pick up by our forwarder please do not give any money to them. You will get a bill right after your box arrived in our warehouse and you can conveniently pay it by bank transfer.

Pick up:

The pick up of your box occurs after our agreement. Our effort is to respect your wished date for pick up, but if it is not within our pick-up-tour we will tell you of an alternative date. You will agree that we can’t drive for example 200 km just to pick up one single box considering our short calculated price. We collect all boxes with early enough notices so that they get shipped in to the next container. For the pick up of a few boxes in very far areas we authorize well known forwarders to pick up your box after our agreement and deliver it to our warehouse. The pick up by any of our forwarders are all for free except for very big and heavy items/boxes.


We will be very happy, if you recommend us to your friends and relatives. If there is a shipment by your recommendation you will get a singular discount of 10 € for the transportation of your next box. If you have a bigger consignment we willingly give a bigger discount for you.

Weight of the boxes:

The boxes have no weight limit, but you should remember that there are no equipment for loading especially on the vehicles available, so everything has to be done by hand. Because of that we want to advice you to set 100 kg as maximum weight packed into the boxes. Heavy machines should be put in a wooden box/crate for a safer transport.