About Us

GBQS was founded by Emil Kolarski in February, 1996.

We had a previous bad experience with a Balikbayan service. A box sent to Manila was in transit for six months. Half of the contents was damaged or spoiled by improper handling. At that time, besides the damaged items, 190.-DM were required from us.

Nevertheless, we told ourselves that there must be a way to make this better, so that the packages will arrive to its destination with the same condition as when they were picked up, and at appropriate prices. A friendly, very intelligent and very popular Filipina, who leads an association successfully for years, encouraged us to build up our own cargo forwarding service.

Thus, we opened our own service which, to our joy, was gradually availed by our customers. With increasing fame and contented customers, our established clientele grew to the present-day size.

We became known for good service, dependability and friendliness. We are always open for special requests.

We send not only Balikbayan boxes to the Philippines, but all items, as well as industrial goods and container loads, in collaboration with international forwarding agencies and Shipping lines.

Today, we are using two new Fiat Ducatos with a capacity of about 50 boxes. With those, we can also pick up your packets in far areas like in the Alps without extra charge. Our customer base extends till Austria, where we offer our service and pick up boxes regularly with our distributors situated in Vienna, Linz, Graz, Salzburg, Innsbruck and Bregenz. Our service also covers the whole federal territory from East to West and from South to North within Bremen and Flensburg. In very far areas, we have duly authorized local forwarders who will pick up your box immediately and deliver them to our warehouse.

A Statement of our Prices:

We believe in the maxim that QUALITY HAS ITS PRICE. We do not endeavour to operate as a low-priced door-to-door service. Equally so, we also look for our Philippine counterpart someone who can measure up to the standard that we require. We demand our broker/cargo forwarder to deliver the boxes quickly and in good condition to all places. We give value on quality, as what our name stands for.

During the past years we were often asked for help by customers who had given their boxes to another company for the transportation to the Philippines. They had already paid but their boxes ended up in a “Spedition-Schenker” warehouse according to one shipper who contacted us for help. Today, we were told that this company is again on the market using another name and is advertising their services for very low prices. We feel it is our responsibility to warn all those who maybe tricked by the low prices to check on the credibility of the persons behind the company.

With another company, we were once asked to assume delivery of about 100 boxes to Manila. As always, we reacted with quick precision only to wait for a very long time for the subsequent payment from the company who contracted us. Anyway, we effect the delivery of the first 50 boxes, so that the shippers and consignees didn’t have to wait too long But due to non-payment the 50 other boxes remained in the warehouse of this company, the police and the prosecutor made inquiry calls to us but the proprietor of the firm preferred to go into hiding in the Philippines.

These are just some of the experiences we have in the course of doing the business here. The choice is yours… whether you will go for a low-priced service or go for a company like ours with adequate and reasonable prices for the delivery of your box.

Every company has to pay taxes, insurance, payments for the employers' liability insurance association and costs for our cars, which are surely not marginal. Not at least the own existence has to be secured. With low-cost transportation this can not be in balance in the long run, without getting into financial problems.